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Here at TSA Australia we love to see our products being pushed to the extremes they were built for, and so we are proud to introduce our Brand Ambassadors – these are members of our community who are regularly out and about using equipment, promoting the industry and are highly respected by their peers and followers. We are committed to supporting them in their endeavours and helping them get the message out there.

They’re out in the field using our great brands and showing how these products are more than worthy of a place in their kit.

Aussie Feral Game Hunters

Aussie Feral Game Hunters are a team of everyday die hard outdoors enthusiasts that strive to empower the Aussie hunting community by sharing their personal hunting stories and sharing the adventures of their followers with the world.

AFGH started off small sharing stories, reviewing gear that we currently owned and liked and was noticed by a few higher profile companies in the industry that gave us a crack at field testing new products set to hit the shelves and hit a corner of the hunting market not yet fully touched – social media. And from that we grew – significantly!

Realising this rapid expansion we needed a solid team of hunters & huntresses across all hunting disciplines and recruited key hunting personalities with extensive hunting knowledge and the AFGH team was forged!

Today we work closely with the hunting industry to highlight the great work that the Aussie hunter contributes to reducing the destruction left by introduced feral game, as well as educate people about the importance of hunting and pest control in Australia. We also strive to give honest true blue feedback on the gear we test; if it’s no good we send it back because we want every hunter to have the same experience as us on every hunt!

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DNA Bowhunter

Danny Bajt and John Bates started hunting with archery equipment in the early 90’s hunting rabbits and foxes on local properties around Canberra. They met through a mutual hunting friend 10 years ago and have hunted together ever since.

Very early on in their hunting partnership they started filming hunts with an old Standard def handy cam just for the extra challenge and to capture hunting memories on film.  It didn’t take long for the filming bug to take hold with a lot more time put into editing and with a few friends the guys started uploading episode style videos to YouTube.

In late 2014 Danny & John Started the online hunting show ‘DNA Bowhunter’ uploading hunting videos online that aimed to capture & share the total experience of the hunt. In May 2016 ‘DNA Bowhunter Season 1’ was launched on Vimeo as an 8 episode pay per view hunting show, the first of its kind in Australia.

DNA Bowhunter - Brand Ambassadors - TSA - Tasco Sales Australia

Kimmi Guest

Kimmi Guest is a die hard bow hunter. She grew up on an acreage on the Mid North Coast of NSW, working alongside her father in their family owned butchery. Growing up with four younger brothers, there was always adventures to be had in the great outdoors. She spent a few years pig-dogging and soon picked up a bow and this is where her love of hunting flourished.

Bowhunting is now Kimmi’s leading passion. She strives to be an ethical and educated hunter and is always trying to expand her knowledge from seasoned individuals within the hunting community of Australia. She understands that feral game management is crucial to the Australian ecosystem and also enjoys providing fresh and organic meat for the table.

Kimmi is a passionate believer in the ever growing participation of women hunting, whether it be with rifle or bow and hopes to encourage other women to enjoy the past time she adores. There is nothing more she loves than sharing her hunting adventures with friends and family.

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Kimmi Guest - Brand Ambassadors - TSA - Tasco Sales Australia